IMDB ranking: ???

I watched The Exorcist tonight. It is a complicated film. I’m still trying to pull apart who is the main character of the film. I really liked how it copied the tracking shots of Hitchcock to create tension and the zooms to facilitate changing ideas.

I really liked how seriously this movie took itself. It’s not just about an exorcism, it’s about a mother trying to help her daughter and falling apart doing it. It takes it’s time establishing the characters and showing them as real people before it gets to the crazy parts. And even when crazy shit happens it doesn’t dedicate itself to it until the third act.

technically this movie isn’t on the imdb 250 list but it has the 8.0 user ranking so whatever. I can see why people find it boring but I just found it so interesting visually along with the acting I think people need some more patience with a movie.