IMDB Ranking: bad

I totally disagree with all the haters! This movie was so much fun.

The premise is totally stupid, cities that move around eating other cities, houses zooming around on wheels, it’s honestly crazy and stupid. But the movie was a lot of fun. And it certainly isn’t crazier than a gold man making self deprecating quips to his trash can friend.

I won’t spoil it since it’s a new movie, but I felt like the movie was fresh and creative. It doesn’t come across as a movie created in a board room. The story is simple enough for an action adventure and it certainly works well enough. The movie builds a world that is fun and interesting. Hugo Weaving chews on the scenery, there’s a pretty boy who doesn’t do much of anything, and a contrived plot to get everyone together. It was a fun movie and certainly not too deep nor taking itself too seriously. I recommend it.