chicken soup

This is an easy recipe depending on if you make the stock or not. But if you want to make the stock, basically, do this:

Stock Recipe:

git a chicken and cook it and eat it, take whats left over (the bones and shit), throw it in a pot with some water and spices (bay leaves, rosemary, thime, salt, etc.). Boil the shit out of it, remove the bones, freeze it until you need it.

Now for the Soup Recipe:


  • chicken, i use whatever i buy thats cheap, bones or not
  • carrots
  • celery
  • onions
  • garlic
  • bay leaves
  • salt
  • pepper
  • rosemary
  • timian
  • stock or bouillon whatever floats your fancy
  • olive oil


  1. Throw that chicken in the pot with some oil and get it cooked, salt and pepper this shit
  2. Take the chicken out and add all the vegetables, maybe you need some more oil at this point, get htese cooked down, salt and pepper this shit
  3. add the chicken back in, at this point either fill it up with water and boillon or fill it up with stock, add some bay leaves and other dry spices at this point
  4. bring to boil, reduce heat and cover and let it cook for like 30-45 minutes getting everything mixed up good


  1. Use whatever vegetables you can find. I don’t always use the ones listed here I’ve used leeks, cabbage, fennel, cauliflower ( i love cauliflower its the greatest thing ever tbh)
  2. This makes as much as it makes but if you like noodles in your chicken soup, add them when you want them. For me sometimes I just eat it like this to begin with, then when theres like a couple bowls left to reheat, I add some noodles and now i get like double the amount left. You know do whatever this is a very do whatever kind of recipe.
  3. You can add rice and eggs to this recipe to make an egg drop soup. Make rice (I recommend rice cooker), add to chicken soup. Beat eggs (usually I use around 6 eggs) thoroughly. Bring soup to boil, then slowly pour beaten eggs into soup. Cover for a couple minutes then remove from heat and serve. The eggs should be a bit fluffy but should mix well into everything.